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Manufacturers & Distributors A&V Envirotech, Div of A&V Inc
Manufacturer of high performance problem solvers: odor eliminators, specialty anti-resoiling carpet cleaners; coatings to prevent corrosion and scratching; coatings to retard mildew and mold; spot removers; rust removers; stain and scale removers; microbial drain and grease trap treatments; degreasers; disinfectants. Private label available. ABC Master D/IrisChemical
Export to Baja Ca Mexico (Tijuana, Mexical, Ensenada) all kinds of JanSan supplies and maintenance chemicals. Adsil
In a world of “Me too” coating technologies and industrial cleaners, Adsil produces a patented family of complex inorganic, self-curing, glass-like treatments that are among the most durable surface treatments known to mankind. Adsil products can help protect your assets from the effects of abuse, intense heat, harsh chemicals, ultraviolet rays, corrosion, mold and fungus. Air & Water Center Bane-Clene®
Founded in 1962, the company's cleaning service has 55,000 residential and commercial customers in central Indiana and supplies thousands of professional cleaners on five continents with equipment, cleaning agents and supplies. Bane-Clene® Institute and its referral network are used by leading carpet makers and more than 5 million consumers logged onto in the past year. Bridgepoint Systems
Bridgepoint Systems manufactures and distributes professional grade cleaning, restoration and protection chemicals and equipment, plus marketing materials. Buckeye International, Inc.
Buckeye International, Inc. headquartered in St. Louis, MO, manufactures the Buckeye line of maintenance cleaning products. Since 1844, Buckeye has been known for top-quality, high performance products. Buckeye leads the international cleaning industry in developing, manufacturing and marketing the most extreme branded line of cleaning and floor care products. Butler System
Since 1980, the Butler System has been the industry leader in carpet and fabric cleaning systems, and is recognized as an innovative concept in design, manufacturing and marketing. The Butler System is installed at The Butler Corporation factory by a group of dedicated and experienced craftsman. A long list of standard features has distinguished the Butler System as the most versatile and complete cleaning system in the industry. To demonstrate dedication, confidence and commitment, the Butler Corporation provides a Five Year extended warranty with every New Butler System. The Butler Maximum Strength Cleaning Products compliment the quality and performance of the Butler System, offered directly from the factory in 24 highly concentrated formulations from carpet and fabric cleaning to specialty products for deodorization. Chemspec
Manufacture of solutions for cleaning, protecting and deodorizing carpet, upholstery and fine fabrics, as well as fire/smoke and odor-removal products. Exclusive new system for renewing wood floors. Dri-Eaz
Dri-Eaz Products, Inc. provides solutions for drying and restoring water-damaged homes and buildings. The company manufactures equipment such as airmovers, dehumidifiers and structural drying systems, as well as moisture-detection instruments, air scrubbers and antimicrobials. Dri-Eaz also conducts training schools, founded the Center for Advanced Restorative Drying for advanced training and drying research, and hosts the bi-annual Restorative Drying Symposium.

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