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Dear Cleaning and Restoration Professional,

Thank you for you interest in the upcoming “Double Your Profits in Six Months—Guaranteed” seminars.

Before we get into the seminar details I want to make it clear that the Cleaning & Restoration Institute is a non-profit organization. We are not trying to sell you anything! Our only purpose is to help make cleaning businesses like yours more successful. I’ve attached a list of testimonials so you can see for yourself the reactions of other cleaners like you who have attended our program.

The class will help you by providing powerful systems that you can use in your business no matter how you clean or what menu of services you offer. We’ll show you new ways to look at products and services you may already be providing that can dramatically increase your sales of them.

The biggest part of the class is making sure that you have the most advanced technical skills. There are many big innovations and new developments happening in our industry and our mission is to make sure that you not only know about them but can generate the type of income and profits you deserve by incorporating these skills into your operation.

Here are some of the highlights of what you’ll learn:

We’ll reveal a proven system that will have you selling DuPont Teflon Advanced carpet protector on 80% of your jobs—guaranteed! We’ll also show you the real world numbers and what this will mean to your bottom line!

The science behind protectors and how to properly apply protectors for maximum performance and profit and how to train your employees to do the same.

Discover how you can offer 100% (not 90% or 95% or even 99%) guaranteed spot and stain removal services in the hands-on spotting segment of the class.

Learn how to remove every, and we mean every stain including Kool-Aid, furniture stains, mustard, BHT yellowing, dyes, paint, tar, oil, fingernail polish, everything!

Hands-on training to get you into the mattress cleaning business without paying a $9,000.00 franchise fee! You can immediately add $1,800.00 a week from the customers you already have!

How to successfully sell deodorizers, spotters and other add-on products and services—without selling! You won’t believe this amazing secret and how easy it really is.

How to give your technicians a dollar an hour raise and yourself a dollar fifty an hour without costing you a penny and with no extra labor!

How to get your fair share of the multi-billion-dollar market in carpet spotters, with absolutely no pressure. Your customer already buys spotters, why shouldn’t they buy them from you?

Be one of the first to learn about the very newest advances in furniture protection including UV protectors and the latest innovation, a one-step acid rinse, dye stabilizer and fluorochemical protector!

You’ll learn powerful secrets that will allow you to use your advanced technical skills to turn your business into a money making machine!

Find out about the newest services that are making money for select cleaners around the country—why not you?

Stay razor sharp and a step of ahead of your competition with the latest, cutting edge skills. If you are not up to date on these incredible innovations you need to catch up—fast!

We’ll show you how to jump into the virtually untapped market for anti-allergen cleaning and treatment services. You can become wealthy with just this one service!

How to use a special warranty to earn big money, start your retirement fund and secure customers for life!

If your customers have to ask who to make the check out to they’ve forgotten your name even before you’ve left the house! You’ll learn how to create customers for life and realize the lifetime value of your customers.

Discover the secret to wildly exceeding your customers’ expectations. Here’s a hint—it has nothing to do with getting their carpets cleaner than the next guy!

How to be registered on a national Internet referral network for FREE!

Find out about an organization that exists for one purpose and one purpose only—to help the cleaning and restoration professional have all the success he or she deserves.

This seminar has been four years in the making. The cleaners that have followed this program have doubled their profits and more! That’s why we call it Double Your Profits in Six Months—Guaranteed!

But that’s not all!

Because we are sponsored by some of the largest companies in our industry, companies that realize that helping you succeed helps them grow, we are able to provide you with hundreds of dollars in products and educational materials absolutely free when you come to the seminar. Here’s what you’ll receive in addition to some of the most important education provided in our industry today:

First, you’ll receive four gallons of Teflon Advanced Carpet and Upholstery Protector shipped right to your door FREE just for attending this seminar. No freight charges, no sales tax, no hidden costs of any kind, just four gallons of the very best carpet and upholstery protector on the market! That’s a value of over $200.00 not including the tax and freight you’d normally have to pay.

And if you sell that protector for even the average price of 15 cents a square foot, you’ll generate $900.00 in additional income. That’s $725.00 in additional profits already! (Don’t worry, you’ll leave the seminar fully equipped and rarin’ to sell protector like never before! In fact, cleaners we have trained are routinely getting 20 cents per square foot for protector!)

You’ll also receive a special demonstration kit developed by the Institute that will allow you to immediately start applying protector on 80% of your jobs.

Plus, you’ll receive a “Care Package” of marketing materials from DuPont including special uniform patches available ONLY to cleaners that attend this seminar!

Bane-Clene will be sending each company 4 gallons of premium cleaning agents including one gallon each of Super LCA® and LCA®-256 detergent, one gallon of Preface® pre-spray and one gallon of Booster additive, a value of over $86.00 for FREE! Plus, you’ll receive a Special Report from industry icon Bill Bane Sr. and their latest catalog.

CTI Pro’s Choice is providing a complete “Spotting Class on CD” PLUS their Odor Control class on CD! You can use this for reference and to train new employees. Not only is CTI providing this to each attendee, they are also making a very special offer that you’ll find out more about at the class.

You’ll get MasterBlend’s 28-page Special Report on “The New Profit Opportunity in Anti-Allergen Services” plus a starter pack of marketing materials for these services that can easily generate an additional $1,800.00 per week from the customers you already have!

You’ll also receive a free Special Report from the Institute entitled “101 Moments of Truth”. This comprehensive report is invaluable information that will help you build the kind of Service Circles that create incredible success!

You’ll also get a free, customized listing in the Institute’s Referral Network with special advanced training icons!

Plus, you’ll have exclusive access to the “Supporters Bulletin Board” on the Institute’s website where you can share with other attendees from around the country.

And, you’ll even obtain one IICRC Continuing Education Credit!

Plus, there will be other special offers from our sponsors!

We’re also guaranteeing that you will double your profits in six months. Just faithfully follow the simple tactics you’ll learn at the seminar and if you don’t double your profits, the Cleaning & Restoration Institute will gladly refund your $199 in full. And, the Teflon Advanced will be yours to keep!

Come and see for yourself why this seminar is being supported and sponsored by major industry leaders such as DuPont, Steamway International, Bane-Clene, MasterBlend, CTI Pro’s Choice, ProTeam, Unsmoke, Violand Management Associates, Multi-Sprayer Systems, Steamin Demon, Cleanfax, ICS Cleaning Specialist, Howard Partridge’s Phenomenal Marketing and others.

You will receive all the tools you’ll need during this jam-packed day. This isn’t a come on for some expensive marketing plan and there’s nothing else to buy! You’ll be able to start doubling your profits the very next day!

Stop and think about it for a minute. What would it mean to you to double your profits in the next six months? And I don’t mean double your income. Anyone can do that by offering free rooms or other promotions. I mean doubling the gross profit you earn on your hard work. I personally think if you’re really ready to get to the top you can do far more than just doubling, but that depends on you. We’ll give you the tools but you still have to use them!

This seminar costs $249 and if you call now for early bird registration the cost is only $199. Can you afford not to invest $249 in order to double your profits?

This seminar is not just a unique training opportunity for you as the owner. If you have employees this seminar is the perfect opportunity to provide them with the kind of training there never seems to be time for. By learning together, you’ll create a team of people that have the most cutting edge, advanced skills possible. What would it mean to you to have technicians that can provide the same cleaning results that you can?

But it doesn’t stop there. Your employees will discover the power of Value Added Service, they’ll understand Moments of Truth and how to manage them plus they’ll finally see what the lifetime value of customers means not just to your company but also to them personally!

They will have the kind of advanced customer service training rarely found in the carpet cleaning business or any industry for that matter! Think of the growth and profit potential this offers you and your business!

If you’re ready to really go all the way and create a turbo-charged organization, bring your technicians, your phone people and most of all yourself and be ready for a full day jam packed with exciting, inspiring and most of all effective training!

Call to find out how you can bring employees for just $129 each.

I’ve been a professional cleaner in the trenches just like you and stared at my ceiling at 2:00 in the morning more times than I care to remember. That’s why I’m so proud to be associated with this organization, an organization that is truly dedicated to helping you and professionals like you achieve all the success you deserve!

Your middle of the night ceiling watching can be over! I’ve found out what works and it’s my mission in life to make sure that if you want to know how to really make it in this industry, there’s someone around to help. It’s up to you now. Make the first step and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Warmest Regards,

Craig Jasper
Cleaning & Restoration Institute

P.S. Remember, this seminar is guaranteed to double your profits in six months! If you don’t, your money will be fully refunded!

P.P.S. You also get over $200 dollars worth of Teflon Advanced, just for coming. That’s like being handed over $725 just for walking in the door!

P.P.P.S. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. But only if you sign up now. Don’t wait a second longer and be on your way to a brighter, more prosperous future. Call 1-800-792-1002 right now!

Listen to What Other Cleaners Like You Have to Say About the
“Double Your Profits in Six Months—Guaranteed” seminar!

“I was skeptical, VERY! I thought there would be a catch, or two. NONE! It was very educational and I have every confidence the methods discussed will prove effective!”
Maria L. Cox
Signature Carpet Care
Columbus, OH

“Very good class for anyone looking forward to more years in the business”
Stuart Cook
Cook’s Carpet Care
Toledo, OH

“Well worth the day!”
Bill Heidenreich
Springtime Carpet Cleaning
Cleveland, OH

“This seminar is a must for any company looking to improve themselves in all areas.”
Randy Bockrath
Carpet Cleaning and Dyeing
Dayton, OH

“Excellent seminar, very informative. Would recommend to everyone in the cleaning industry who wishes to improve employee knowledge.”
Anthony J. Rose
Cincinnati, OH

“I received much more than promised, more than I expected.”
Marcia Russell
St. Lawrence Carpet Cleaning
Toledo, OH

“Great class!”
Robert Goodrich
Steam Action Carpet Cleaning
Youngstown, OH

“Opened new services for higher profits.”
Douglas L. Gorrell
Stoll Rug Cleaners
Toledo, OH

“Seminar was great. Very informative.”
Jay Allen
Kolby Carpet Cleaning
Dayton, OH

“Great program”
Richard Colvin
Medical Cleaning Specialists
Dayton, OH

“Great class!”
Jim Olmstead
Widmer’s Carpet Cleaning
Hamilton, OH

“This class was so simple and gave me great ideas to improve my business quickly.”
Kelly Doles
Ultimate Carpet Care
Columbus, OH

More About the Cleaning & Restoration Institute

The Cleaning & Restoration Institute is a non-profit educational organization. In addition to providing helpful information to consumers, the Institute exists to help professional cleaners and restorers enjoy all the success they deserve. The Institute does this by providing educational programs and services such as the “Double Your Profits in Six Months—Guaranteed!” seminar, a free cleaner referral network, a comprehensive website with exclusive “Supporter Bulletin Board”, industry newsletter for Supporters, product reviews and a host of other benefits.

The Institute is an unbiased, independent, third party organization that creates a forum for cleaners and restorers to learn from each other, share what works and what doesn’t and help each to other to not just survive but prosper! The result of helping each other to greater success will be the improvement of the industry overall.

The Cleaning & Restoration Institute is not a trade association and heartily endorses association membership and recommends that you join your local association.

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