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About the C&RI

Craig JasperThe Cleaning and Restoration Institute is an independent, unbiased, third party, educational service organization. Our only purpose and how we make our living is simply by helping make carpet cleaning and restoration businesses like yours more successful.

The primary way we accomplish this goal is by presenting the "Double Your Profits in Six Months—Guaranteed" seminar in over 100 cities per year.

Cleaners and restorers are also invited to register on the Institute’s free Internet Referral Network, used by consumers to locate qualified professional cleaners and restorers in their area.

Professional carpet cleaners and restoration contractors may also sponsor the Cleaning and Restoration Institute and receive a wide range of other benefits. To find out more, click here.

While we work with many industry manufacturers and distributors we are an independent organization and our first commitment is to you, the professional cleaner and restorer. All our sponsors know that we will always "tell it like it is". This means you can rely on the information we provide as tested by real cleaners in the real world not just what some company’s marketing guy wants us to say.