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You can attend this seminar for just $99!

If you choose a full price registration for $199 you will receive a case of either DuPont Teflon Advanced, Bridgepoint Maxim or Pro’s Choice Stain Guardian Ultra protector shipped to you free with no freight charges or tax!

If you choose the $99 registration you will not receive any free protector but will have the opportunity at the seminar to purchase DuPont Teflon, Bridgepoint Maxim or Pro’s Choice Stain Guardian Ultra for just $100 per case! That’s half the going price plus there’s no freight or tax!

Plus you’ll get a $100.00 gift certificate from one of our sponsors, plus I’ll tell you how to get another $100.00 worth of chemicals for free at the seminar. If you add in the $100 you saved on protector that’s $300.00 right there or three times the seminar fee.

And if you apply the protector, you’ll earn another $700.00 profit. So that means that you’ll be able to turn your $99 investment into $1,000.00 immediately.

I hope you agree that it makes sense to carve out one day this year to turn $99 into $1,000.00. But what’s really important is not just the $901.00 you’ll make just for coming but how you’ll be able to deliver an even better cleaning job to your customers.

By increasing your customers’ satisfaction you’ll increase your repeat and referral business and deepen the market with your existing customers for all the services you provide.

You’ll see how additional profits will then come in as a natural consequence of your new technical skills.

You do need to pre-register in order to guarantee your seat. That’s because each class is limited to 10 to 12 people so you can get the attention you deserve.