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Learn the Newest, Most Advanced Technical and Customer Service Skills

Craig Jasper
  • I'll show you a proven system that will have you selling carpet protector on 80% of your jobs. I'll also show you the real world numbers and what this will mean to your bottom line.
  • The science behind protectors and how to properly apply protectors for maximum performance and profit and how to train your employees to do the same.
  • Discover how you can offer 100% (not 90% or 95% or even 99%) guaranteed spot and stain removal services in the hands-on spotting segment of the class.
  • Learn how to remove every, and I mean every, stain including Kool-Aidâ, furniture stains, mustard, BHT yellowing, dyes, paint, tar, oil, fingernail polish, everything.
  • Hands-on training to get you into the mattress cleaning business without paying a $9,000.00 franchise fee. You can immediately add $1,800.00 a week from the customers you already have.
  • How to successfully sell deodorizers, spotters and other add-on products and services—without selling. You won't believe this simple procedure and how easy it really is.
  • How to give your technicians a dollar an hour raise and yourself a dollar fifty an hour without costing you a penny and with no extra labor.
  • How to get your fair share of the multi-billion-dollar market in carpet spotters, with absolutely no pressure. Your customer already buys spotters, why shouldn't they buy them from you?
  • I'll show you how you can really help your customers with allergies and asthma by jumping into the virtually untapped market for allergy relief cleaning and treatment services. You can become wealthy with just this one service and create dedicated customers for life.
  • You'll learn powerful techniques that will allow you to use your advanced technical skills to turn your business into a money making machine!
  • Find out about the newest services that are making money for select cleaners around the country—why not you?
  • Stay razor sharp and a step of ahead of your competition with the latest, cutting edge skills. The worst possible situation is that your competition can "outclean" you. If they can, you've lost the race before it even begins.
  • How to use a special warranty to earn significant additional income, start your retirement fund and secure customers for life.
  • If your customers have to ask who to make the check out to they've forgotten your name even before you've left the house. You'll learn how to create customers for life and realize the lifetime value of your customers.
  • Discover the secret to wildly exceeding your customers' expectations. Here's a hint—it only starts with getting their carpets cleaner than the next guy.
  • How to be registered on a national Internet referral network for FREE.
  • How to build a world-class business based on repeat and referral business!